The Home and the Heart

is a lifestyle and motherhood blog started by me, Cristina Toff, a 20-something wife and new mom of one sweet baby boy and two scruffy pups. We all live in an historic townhouse just outside of New York City and sometimes resemble a circus.

I practice gentle parenting, support women's rights, advocate for breastfeeding and live life as a big tree. 

I'm a curious, creative, and sometimes capricious individual with a passion for interior decorating, candle-making and living life in an intentional and beautiful way. I buy jars of icing just in case, love to collect diaper bags and baby blankets, and cook much less often than I say I'm going to cook (but I'm working on that!). 

Here I'll share what means the most to me - the things that are about and from my home and my heart.

Interested in collaborating? Or just want to chat? Email me at