6 Landlord Approved Ways to Personalize a Rental

Redecorating a rental is often a prime source of dispute between landlords and tenants. Owners prefer to preserve the integrity of their rental with as few modifications as possible to retain their property value in the long run. On the other hand, living in a catalog house can be stifling for a tenant, leaving their home feeling hollow and cold. After all, what’s the use of saving fall decorating tips on Pinterest if your lease doesn’t allow you to personalize your space

Are you a landlord looking to preserve your rental in good condition while keeping renters happy? Or a tenant brainstorming unique ways to infuse your personality in your abode without losing your security deposit? This article balances both parties’ needs with 6 landlord-approved ways to personalize a rental. From removable decor solutions to strategic furniture arrangements, discover how to make your rental space uniquely yours while maintaining a positive relationship with your landlord. Let’s get started:

6 Landlord Approved Ways to Personalize a Rental

1.   Use Removable Wall Decals

Enhance your space with removable wall decals. Transforming a temporary space into a personalized haven can be challenging, but removable wall decals make it much more manageable. These decor elements add a personal touch without leaving a lasting mark, making it perfect for rental homes. Besides, tenants also have the luxury of choosing from various colors, designs, and textures.

2.   Install Temporary Wallpaper

Opt for temporary wallpaper to transform plain walls. It’s a stylish solution that’s easy to install and remove, just like wall decals. Temporary wallpaper is an excellent solution in rentals with strict policies on repainting. Property management services in Northern Virginia can provide reminders on what is allowed on your lease, preventing renters from risking their security deposit. Landlords with tenants who prefer more vibrant and bold colors can make their selection when customizing their space. And when they’re ready to move out, they can remove the wallpaper and use it in their next home without denting the wall.

3.   Buy an Area Rug

Customize your rental with a tasteful area rug. Rugs add more character to a home, making your rental feel cozier. They also come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, so tenants can easily find a relatively inexpensive one. Besides, they also preserve the flooring underneath it, which is excellent news for landlords. They can also soften the sound of tenants walking in their apartments, reducing the chances of noise complaints and promoting harmonious living.

4.   Opt for Command Strips

Add more personality to your space without compromising the integrity of your walls with command strips. These lightweight accessories are easy to install on walls and leave no permanent marks. Thus, they’re perfect for displaying photos, paintings, string lights, and other small decorations. Not only does it add functionality to your vertical space, but it also allows you to express your style without making permanent changes.

5.   Statement Lighting

Upgrade lighting fixtures to make a statement. We often underestimate the transformative power of proper lighting. A well-lit room can significantly improve the ambiance of a space, taking it from a drab rental to a cozy haven. If the apartment is already pre-furnished, select fixtures you can easily swap back to the original ones when you leave. Aesthetic floor lamps are a great, easy-to-move option for rentals. You can also invest in LED bulbs with multiple colors to select a hue that suits your mood.

6.   Open Shelving

Install open shelving to showcase your personality through decor and essentials. If you’re a fan of open-plan concepts, open shelves are an excellent way to incorporate the trend in your home without breaking your lease or the bank. Besides, it adds more personality to your home. Displaying your collectibles, books, or travel souvenirs makes the space feel more unique. And since there’s no risk of damage, open shelving is certainly a landlord-approved idea.

Importance of a Detailed Lease Agreement Clause about Decorating

1.   Clear Guidelines

6 Landlord Approved Ways to Personalize a Rental

To make your rental feel like home, it’s essential to refer to your lease agreement before making changes to the apartment. On the other hand, as a landlord, you should have a detailed lease agreement clause about decorating to ensure tenants understand the extent of their creative freedom. Clear guidelines foster a transparent and harmonious landlord-tenant relationship, ensuring everyone knows what is permissible.

2.   Avoiding Disputes

An offshoot of setting clear guidelines is that it prevents disputes between landlords and tenants regarding decor choices. By outlining specific rules and restrictions, both parties can stay on the same page before and after redecorating projects.

3.   Mutual Understanding

A detailed decorating clause establishes a mutual understanding between landlord and tenant. Thus, by promoting open communication, both parties can efficiently address concerns or seek permission for specific decor changes. A thorough lease agreement clause on decorating safeguards the landlord’s property and promotes a positive and cooperative living environment.


Striking the balance between maintaining a property’s integrity and customizing the space for long-term tenants can take time and effort. However, through these 6 landlord-approved ways to personalize a rental, you can lay the foundation for mutual understanding and satisfaction, from temporary wallpaper and wall decals to statement lighting and open shelves. These ideas allow renters to creatively personalize their space without losing their security deposit.

However, creating a detailed lease agreement is crucial to providing clear guidelines. It is a preventive measure, averting potential disputes and fostering mutual understanding. If you’re a landlord and need help compile a detailed rental agreement, hire a property manager. These professionals can help you establish clarity and guide tenants in adding personal touches that preserve their living space.

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